Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007

Random chick sketch.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

CG muscle simulation I did for "fun". Honestly, I must me nuts to think that a month of no sleep is fun. Though I think very few would dispute that.

Sascha sleeping.

Half finished sketch from statue in Union Square Park.

Outdoor sketch in Central Park, from back in the NYU days.

Digital sketch. Kind of old.

Crazy imp driver guy.

Yet another face doodle.
"I'm sorry, what??"

Random doodle, it kind of looks like my cousin Amy.

This is Inuki, the Dog Monster. He finally sat still for this portrait.
Another Photo Shop paint over. I spent more time on this one, I wish I could do more like this but there are too many projects vying for some attention. One thing though, I used a regular Wacom Tablet and the disconnect between my hand and the "canvas" really made this take longer than it should have. One day I'll get a Cintiq and life will be grand.

Sassy redhead, mmmm. This is old but it was alot of fun, I sketched this chick on a yellow legal pad (duh) and then did a paint over in Photo Shop using just the colors from the paper. Came out kind of cool.

Sketch of the chick from 300. I was running cloth sims at work and needed to kill some time. Fun shit.

Tried to paint over this sketch in Photo Shop and it got a little over worked past this point, but I think this looks pretty and has a little something to it.

Sad gnomish guy. It's always funny to me how quickly drawn lines and shapes become characters.

Copy of an Alphonse Mucha poster hanging at work. Not sure of the name but I like it just the same. I'm very envious of his lines and color work, everything is elegant. Maybe someday I will get to draw more and not have to deal with the computer so much. Meh!

Caaaatts innnn Spaaaace!!! Hey, it could happen.

Confused elf guy I drew over Brunch with wifey. She eats slowly so I can usually squeeze in a sketch or two before the meal is over.